Lightweight Design

Say hi to the seventh baby of the Hoerboard family! The Skeleton is as fast as your beats: just with a few easy adjustments you can go crazy within ten minutes. This smooth board comes to you in matte black or white. Made by multiplex it is a delicate but robust DJ stand.

The Skeleton can host CD players, DJ Controllers and a Turntable Setup. And if that is not enough for you yet, get hold of additional brackets for your laptop clip and speaker stands. Use your own audio cables and power strip.

Welcome this beautiful desk in your home. It travels light and at small shipping charge all around the world.

Specifications, Styles & Colors

Choose your favorite color. House your turntables in battle or classic mode, CDJs are welcome too. Make sure you can stand upright behind your workstation! Please use your own audio cables and power strip.

Weight (Kg)35
Audio & Power Access1


Colors & Wood

Glossy or Matte

Black Matte / Multiplex
White Matte / Multiplex
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Feel free to add brackets for your laptop clip and speaker stands and other useful accessories you might need.

Laptop Clip

The acrylic clip is the ideal place for your laptop. It only needs to be fixed with four screws.

Fabric Dust Cover

You don´t wanna get your decks all dusty? Cover up your workstation with a stylish cover.


The price includes the customized insert for your specific DJ devices and the audio & power access slot.

Euro 1.090,– excl. Shipping
EU Price incl. 19% Tax: 1.297,–


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