Com Four

Com Four

Let's Rock & Roll

The Com Four combines beautiful mid-century design with functionality and storage space. It is designed as a sideboard which offers space for approximately 350 records. Its elegant multiplex surface in black or white matte makes this sophisticated DJ stand extremely robust and durable.

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We at Hoerboard dedicate ourselves to exquisite German craftsmanship. The clever and user-friendly design of the DJ table ensures easy and fast assembly. With its exchangeable insert, which can also host CD players, the Com.Four allows for the little extra bit of freedom and flexibility for you and your DJ equipment.

Specifications, Styles & Colors

Make yourself stand out and configure your DJ table individually. Choose your favorite color. House your turntables in battle or classic mode into your Hoerboard deck. CDJs are welcome too. Make sure you can stand upright behind your workstation! Please use your own audio cables and power strip.

Weight (Kg)62
Audio & Power Access1


Colors & Wood

Glossy or Matte

Black Matte
White Matte


Feel free to add stands and other useful accessories you might need.

Laptop Clip

The acrylic clip is the ideal place for your laptop. It only needs to be fixed with four screws.

Speaker Stands

You need more space for your monitor speakers? Just add our chrome pole stands to your DJ configuration.

CDJ Stands

You need more space for your CDJs? Just add them to your DJ configuration.


The price includes the customized insert for your specific DJ devices as well the audio & power access slot.

Euro 2.690,– excl. Shipping
EU Price incl. 19% Tax: 3.201,–

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