Stereo T

Stereo T

The Assembly Kit

The Hoerboard Stereo T has been designed to move with you wherever you and your music are needed: When disassembled, it will fit in your vehicle easily. Dismantling and putting it back up isn’t much of a bother either, as it only takes ten minutes of your precious time.

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It is the first Hoerboard that comes as a construction kit for easy assembly. It is available for turntables in battle or classic mode, DJ controllers and CDJ set ups. Additional laptop, CDJ and monitor speaker mounts can also be integrated. The building kit of our Hoerboard family is manufactured from an exclusive multiplex material with a stain-resistant laminated surface that comes in black or white matte and in some great looking colors.

Specifications, Styles & Colors

Make yourself stand out and configure your DJ table individually. Choose your favorite color. House your turntables in battle or classic mode. CDJs and DJ controller are welcome too. Make sure you can stand upright behind your workstation! Please use your own audio cables and power strip.

Weight (Kg)43
Audio & Power Access1


Colors & Wood

Glossy or Matte

Black Matte / Multiplex
White Matte / Multiplex
Blue Matte / Multiplex
Green Matte / Multiplex
Grey Matte / Multiplex
Yellow Matte / Multiplex


Feel free to add stands and clips for your laptop, multiplayer or monitor speakers.

Laptop Clip

The acrylic clip is the ideal place for your laptop. It only needs to be fixed with four screws. The clip supports 11″ – 16″ laptop sizes.

Speaker Stands

You need more space for your monitor speakers? Just add our chrome pole stands to your DJ configuration.

CDJ Stands

If you need stands for your CDJs and multiplayers? Just add them to your DJ setup.

Audio & Power Access Slot

At the bottom of the centre stand you can use the audio & power access slot to manage all your necessary cables. Just pull your own audio cables and power strip through the table stand. We suggest using a power board with a three meter (ten foot) extension cord.


The price includes the customized insert for your specific DJ devices as well the audio & power access slot.

Euro 1.290,– excl. Shipping
EU Price incl. 19% Tax: 1.535,–

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