Scomber Mix

Scomber Mix

DJs On A Spaceship

The Hoerboard Scomber Mix is designed to make all your turntables, CDJs and mixers fit perfectly into a great looking workstation. The DJ booth consists of two units, needs less space than the Hoerboard Classic and makes you more unique with your own personal workstation. The top deck is made from CNC-designed MDF material and is fixed to a laser-cut powder-coated steel support.

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Both unit surfaces are available in several glossy or matte colors. Your own equipment is placed in the customized high quality Hoerboard.
Your own audio & power cables are invisibly integrated into the table body and can be connected comfortably to local audio systems.

Specifications, Styles & Colors

The Scomber Mix has it all in its compact body. If you do not have too much space in your room, our Hoerboard Scomber Mix will be your perfect choice. Choose your favorite color. House your turntables in battle or classic mode into your Hoerboard deck. CDJs or DJ controller are welcome too.

Weight (kg)92
Audio & Power Access1


Colors & Wood

Glossy or Matte

Night Black Matte RAL 9005
Traffic White Glossy RAL 9016
Basalt Grey Glossy RAL 7012


Feel free to add the laptop clip. It is suitable for laptops from 11" to 16".

Laptop Clip

The acrylic clip is the ideal place for your laptop. It only needs to be fixed with four screws.


The price includes the customized insert for your specific DJ devices as well the audio & power access slot.

Euro 2.490,– excl. Shipping
EU Price incl. 19% Tax: 2.963,–

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